How To Smoke a Cigar

Throughout our lives, there are a handful of special occasions where one would want to celebrate by smoking a cigar. Events such as weddings, the birth of a child, and graduations all call for the celebration, and many people celebrate by sharing a cigar with friends and family. While many people enjoy cigars, some actually don’t know how to smoke one properly. Well known cigar brand, Davidoff Cigars is one such brand that deserves to be enjoyed to the fullest. Below, we share some advice on how best to smoke a cigar with a few simple steps:

Cut the Cigar

Before lighting your cigar you must cut the closed, capped end off the cigar before you can smoke it. The cigar should only be cut using a cigar cutter. Most people cut too much of the cigar off. There is no need to cut off more than 1/8 inch of the cigar to enjoy it.

Toast the Cigar

The cigar should be held at a 45-degree angle and the foot of the cigar can be toasted. Apply a small amount of heat to the foot while rotating the cigar. This will warm up the tobacco in the cigar and will make it easier to light.

Lighting the Cigar

Without having the flame make contact with the cigar puff it a few times without inhaling until the cigar begins to give off some smoke.

Make Sure the Cigar is Lit

Check the front end of the cigar and blow on it gently to make sure it is lit. If the cigar is not evenly lit then it should be light again until it can burn evenly. If the cigar does not burn evenly it can shorten the life of the cigar and a person will not experience a smooth smoke.

Smoking the Cigar

Once the cigar is lit properly, you can enjoy smoking it. You do not have to inhale the smoke to enjoy it. You will still get the full flavor and experience by taking a puff every 30-60 seconds.

Ashing the Cigar

Generally, you should allow the ash to reach one inch before tapping it off. This will be enough pressure to knock the ash off without damaging the cigar. When you’re done smoking the cigar you can gently stub it out in an ashtray. If you haven’t finished the cigar, you can always keep it and relight it at a later stage. Don’t put it back in your cigar box as is, as it may influence the other unused cigars. Instead, place it in a plastic or paper bag.