Important topics to focus on UPPSC Syllabus 

The Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission (UPPSC) conducts the Provincial Civil Service (PCS) Exam every year. In 2020, PCS Prelims is going to take place on 11th October while PCS Mains will take place next year from January 22, 2021, onward. Aspirants preparing for PCS Exam should know the important topics to cover from UPPSC Syllabus which is given along with the PCS notification. 

Before we talk about the important focus areas in the PCS syllabus, aspirants should know the exam pattern of the examination. It is given below:

UPPSC Prelims Exam Pattern:


Number of Papers conducted in PCS Prelims There are two papers:

  1. General Studies I (Which consists of objective questions on subjects mentioned in the syllabus)
  2. General Studies II (Which consists of Aptitude questions)
The duration of the PCS Prelims GS I and GS II Each paper is of two hours
Marks allotted to each PCS Prelims papers GS I and GS II GS I and GS II are of 200 marks each. Candidates should note that GS II is of qualifying nature while only GS I marks are used for merit ranking
Nature of the Exam UPPSC PCS Prelims is of objective type
The negative marking in PCS Prelims There is a negative marking of 0.33% of the total marks assigned to that question for every incorrect answer

UPPSC PCS Mains Exam Pattern:


Number of Papers conducted in PCS Mains There are 8 papers:

  1. General Hindi
  2. Essay
  3. General Studies I
  4. General Studies II
  5. General Studies III
  6. General Studies IV
  7. Optional Subject – Paper 1
  8. Optional Subject – Paper 2
The duration of the PCS Mains Papers Each paper is of three hours
Marks allotted to each PCS  Mains papers While General Hindi and Essay papers are of 150 marks each; every other GS papers and optional papers are of 200 marks each
Nature of the Exam UPPSC PCS Mains is an essay-format paper, i.e., aspirants have to write subjective answers

Focus Areas in PCS Syllabus

The focus areas are those important topics which should be read by aspirants carefully. Questions from these areas are usually asked often and these topics make important points in UPPSC Syllabus

We are giving focus areas for PCS Prelims and Mains both and aspirants should try to put extra vigil on these topics:


Topic Focus Area
Current Events Aspirants should try focusing every current news that is relevant from the state of Uttar Pradesh’s perspectives and also is relevant to the nation along with some international relevance
History Aspirants should focus on Indian history with major emphasis on:

Ancient History – Topics like IVC, Vedic Literature, Magadha Empire should be well-read

Medieval History – Topics like Delhi Sultanate, Administration of rulers like Alauddin Khilji etc should be well-read

Modern History – It is always a hot topic and aspirants should try and focus on freedom struggle movements

Geography Aspirants should focus on Indian Geography giving importance to:

  • River drainage systems
  • Classification of soils
  • Human resources
  • Monsoon
  • Forests

For World Geography, aspirants should focus on maps and topics like major seas, bordering countries etc.

Economics As syllabus mentions social and economic development, aspirants should focus on SDGs, Government schemes for vulnerable sections, and other social issues apart from important basic concepts in Economics
Environment Aspirants should focus on general issues which are debated like climate change, global warming, coral reefs, biodiversity etc. 

What are the focus areas of PCS Mains?

Aspirants should note that the Mains stage of the PCS Exam is a very important stage. The marks scored here majorly decide the final rank. Hence, topics mentioned in the UPPSC Syllabus should be well-adhered to, for success. Candidates should note below points:

  1. Art and culture, Modern History and World history are important.
  2. Indian Society and Geography questions are based on current events.
  3. Indian Polity always remains important for PCS Mains 
  4. Economics is again current affairs related to the demand for basic knowledge of economics concept
  5. The environment is a hot topic and aspirants should focus on current events.
  6. Ethics and integrity should be well-read and case studies should be followed. 

Aspirants should know the PCS Exam dates for the year 2020:

  • PCS Prelims 2020 – 11th October 2020
  • PCS Mains 2020 – 22nd January 2021 onward

Tips to be taken away by the PCS aspirants is that they should always be updated with the notification and keep UPPSC syllabus handy before starting their preparation.

Focus areas mentioned above can act as a score-booster for the aspirants and once these topics are well-versed with by the aspirants, surely, it becomes easier to crack the PCS exam.