The Best Smoking Accessories in A Stoner’s Arsenal

If you’re a keen smoker, you’re bound to appreciate all of the bits and pieces that can make your life as a stoner that much easier. Whether it be to streamline the prep process, ensure better storage, or just be plain old fun, accessories and tools for smokers are in plentiful supply. Although this is undoubtedly great, it also poses a problem – with so many accessories on the market today, which ones should you be buying? Buying all of them is enough to send anyone broke, so in this article we provide some great tips to help you decide which great smoking accessories might be best for you.

What smoking accessories you should be considering

If you’ve had a quick look for smoker accessories in Australia, you should already know you’re spoiled for choice. Accessories represent much more than just papers, but that doesn’t at all mean you should overlook them! Make sure to choose the right papers for the material you’re using, as this will help you develop your rolling skills. Rolling the perfect joint takes time and patience, and it is often recommended that people use filters to ensure that the material lasts longer and no plant matter gets accidentally sucked up with your draws. If you just can’t get the hang of it, or if you’re just starting out, a rolling machine is a very good accessory to consider. Rolling excellent joints requires impressive dexterity that some people lack, so introducing the simplicity of a rolling machine can help prevent a lot of headaches and ruined papers, making a rolling machine an excellent investment for some. Many are also quite portable, so you can bring them around and use them whenever you need!

More accessories to help you get more out of what you have

If you’re new to the world of joint smoking, you should quickly learn that scissors for cutting up your material is not worth the hassle. Instead, consider getting a grinder to ensure that your plant matter is properly managed. Although plastic grinders will do the job, it’s worth your while to instead look into getting a metal grinder, as they will last much longer than their plastic counterparts. If you’re the kind of person who enjoys a hit on the go, you might consider also investing in a one hitter. These are small pipes that hold enough material to give you one good hit, making them ideal for use in places where you can’t roll or for those that don’t like smoking with papers. Finally, if there’s one thing any self-respecting stoner should invest in it’s a stash box. These storage containers not only hide your supply from others, but they’re actually excellent for keeping everything fresh. This means stash boxes give you ultimate bang for your buck!

What smoking accessory will you go for?

Whether you’re a novice smoker or a veteran, smoking accessories can very quickly make your leisure time a whole lot better in a variety of ways. Whether it be helping you to be stealthier,  getting more out of your smoking material or helping it last longer, investing in these smoking accessories might be the best thing you do as a smoker.