Paying High Rent to Stay in a Flat in Ahmedabad? Explore PG For Rent!

The definition of home can be so unique for different people and you only quite start thinking about what it means when you leave a familiar place and migrate to a new city. Would you be able to find a place that takes care of all your lifestyle needs? Would you prefer to stay alone or like to share a home with new people? What kind of budgets should you park aside? Many such questions come into play when you decide to pick a rental accommodation, and that’s why your choices can be as varied as a flat, PG/ hostel, or better yet, a managed accommodation.

Frankly, as much as we urge you to make a thorough list of things you need, do extensive research, and only then go about choosing your place to stay, it is okay if you find yourself changing your perspective. Is staying alone now making you feel more lonely than safe? Pick a single occupancy in a managed accommodation so you get a balance between privacy and company. Living in a flat in Ahmedabad but now find the rent to be too high? Go for a top-class PG in Ahmedabad that gives you a better and more comfortable deal.

Considering you have already tried out apartments and flats, allow us to give you a sneak peek into the advantages of a new-age, branded PG-style accommodation, so you can make an informed choice.

They have you covered 

We believe that’s the best bit about moving into a well-operated PG and hostel, so this is at the top of our list. If you choose a professionally managed accommodation like Stanza Living, you know you are signing up for multiple yummy meals a day, someone to take care of all the laundry and housekeeping chores, no worries about building maintenance, power supply, water purification, internet service etc. Not to mention, that these are beautifully designed, fully furnished places, which also have all arrangements for community activities – dining areas, entertainment lounges, socially-distanced social events and even a quiet terrace. In short, this is a place that thinks of everything your lifestyle needs, before you do. Isn’t that way more comfortable than figuring out your own household support (hiring a cook, maid) or managing everything from buying groceries to cooking on your own, when you stay in a flat?

They Take Care of Your Safety and Security 

If you are living alone in the city, we would recommend the adage of safety in numbers. 

Living in a PG or hostel in Ahmedabad is particularly helpful as the landlord/ property operator is responsible for arranging appropriate security measures and assumes responsibility for your safety. Security guards, CCTV cameras, card-based security are various measures that exist to make sure you always feel comfortable. What’s more, with like-minded peers around, you can be assured of company and support in case of any emergency.

And They Are Definitely More Friendly on the Pocket

A flat can possibly appear cheaper upfront (especially if it is unfurnished), but add the cost of basic furniture, utility bills, monthly expenses in the form of groceries, laundry, cooking (or hiring house help) and the budget suddenly seems to be spiralling out of control. Overall, you will find a good PG to be competitively priced and they typically collect a smaller security deposit than what you would pay for a flat. As most household needs too are already factored into the rent, it’s likely you don’t have to manage any additional utility bills. Did we just hear your bank balance give a sigh of relief?

PGs are no longer the unorganized, cramped and uncaring places of yore. With the coming of managed accommodation providers like Stanza Living, they have been completely reimagined as branded, hospitality-led accommodation. You can check out the amenities, browse the properties and even book a visit easily on their website.