Prescription Sunglasses – combination of fashionable shapes and style


People who wear prescription glasses used to shy away from the sunglasses. But the advent of prescription sunglasses has changed the game altogether. Now the sunglasses come with prescription lenses including the advanced varifocals, photochromic, and polarised. The prescription in the sunglasses has brought a great comfort and relief to the glasses user.  Along with providing the protection from UV rays and glares, a good quality pair of sunglasses also prevent the occurrence of eye-strain, headache, cataract, migraine, etc.  Besides, sunglasses add to your personality and make you look stylish.

Let us find out what are various style of sunglasses that are recently trending in the fashion world:

1)   Mirrored sunglasses

Mirrored sunglasses have an optical coating which is available on the outer surface of the lenses. This makes the sunglasses lens appear like a mirror.  This coating is also called flash coating or mirror coating that is made out of metal.  It may be possible that this coating contains a colour tint of yellow, rose, blue, green, etc.

While the wearer cannot see the mirror effect from the inside surface of the glasses, it is only the onlookers who can see the mirror effect. The best part about the mirror glasses is that they reduce the amount of light that passes through its lens to as much as 10% to 60% depending upon the lenses.  You can also opt for prescription sunglasses having mirror glasses and flaunt them at beach, party or outside.  

2) Geometrical Sunglasses

While rectangle, square and round may appear bore and plain, the latest trend of sunglasses come in unusual geometrical sunglasses shape too apart from the traditional aviators, wayfarers, cat eyes etc. Now you can get sunglasses having shapes like oversized round, triangle, D-shape, heart, star, polygon, etc. In fact there are shapes that appear to be a combination of two shapes. For instance, frames with a combination of round and rectangle, half oval and half square, etc.

3)  Black Sunglasses

The age old black sunglasses are everybody’s favourite and matches with every face shape and personality. Black Sunglasses come with black frame of material as well as lenses. Although the material of the frame could be plastic polycarbonate, metal, etc. you also get lenses that are either black or customised as per your choice of coloured tint.  You also get polarised lenses in the black sunglasses.

4)  Double bridge sunglasses

The double bridge sunglasses consist of double bars or the brides that connect the two lenses. There is one bridge at the upper part called the brow-line and the second bridge is around the nose pad area where the glasses lenses. These kinds of sunglasses are available in aviator and browline sunglasses. Whereas, the shape of the lens depends upon the choice of the user.

Who manufactures the latest and trendy prescription sunglasses?

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Therefore, when buying prescription, check out Specscart’s website, find out hundreds of sunglasses in attractive patterns, colour, design and shapes to suit your face at unbeatable prices that are pocket friendly.