Purchasing the Instagram Likes: What You Need to Do

There is a difficulty that unites those who manage accounts with 10,000 followers and those who work with 150: how to get likes on Instagram? Getting likes on the photos posted on your account is an obstacle that leads many people to try to buy followers to inflate their Instagram page.

This is a mistake that can ruin your Digital Marketing strategy. Buying followers can damage your brand image, in addition to impairing its performance by the logic of the social network algorithm and masking your real results. More details in the link above. You can simply Buy Cheap Instagram Likes and have a perfect time. Visit Fameoninsta website to get more information.

If buying followers is not a good idea, then what can you do to get likes on Instagram? Work on engagement with followers.

Check out our tips on how to do this

Invest in high quality photos for the profile

A simple rule of Digital Marketing is that if you offer good content, you will get engagement back.

But what makes good material on Instagram? How to define what is a high quality image for your profile?

The first element, of course, is to ensure that that post offers some value to your audience, whatever the niche. Therefore, it is necessary to dedicate a lot of planning and reflection on the persona of your profile, where she sees value and how you can deliver it to her. In addition to good content in the images, you will need to format them so that the presentation is appropriate for your audience.

These statistics can help your work:

  • Images with a lot of texture generate 79% more likes
  • Photos with more lighting get 24% more likes
  • Portraits with people’s faces receive 38% more likes and 32% more comments
  • More background in photos can result in 29% more engagement.

Create good captions that complement the image

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, but that’s no reason to ignore the captions on your Instagram posts. Caption is an essential part of social media communication , but it is commonly overlooked by profiles and brands. Don’t make that mistake. Use the caption as a complement to the images you have posted, investing in storytelling to create an emotional bond with the followers.

To do this, use all the techniques you know:

  • be funny
  • be emotional
  • ask followers questions
  • name the most frequent fans
  • name personalities.

Anyway, use the caption to stop your audience from scrolling the application screen and focus on your post for a few minutes. The result will come in a rain of hearts.

Appear in the Explore tab to get likes on Instagram

The Explore tab is a relatively new addition to Instagram and represents a great opportunity to reach more people. Basically, the tab is unique for each user and presents content that is relevant based on their previous interactions. So if you appear on the Explore more people tab, you have a better chance of getting likes on Instagram.