Handling Hesitations Like a Pro

When a potential client inquires, they are expressing the need for your service. Not sealing their deal means that someone else will. If you are confident about your service and are in need of more customers, negotiating a deal is a good idea. To be able to negotiate, you need to know what the customer needs and what they’re willing to give for it.

There are common statements that express hesitation. If you identify the causes of your client’s reluctance, you will have a better idea of what you can do to help them choose you. Here are frequent hesitation statements and what you can do about them:

“That’s a lot of money”

This statement hints that the customer wants a decrease in the fee and is likely to try calling others for it. Help your client understand that junk removing businesses usually charge the same. Helping them realize this will reopen their ears to what you have to say. Ask clients what their budget is and make a deal from there.

Reducing your price a little to accommodate a new customer is a business call. Let the customer know that you can charge less if he/she has a friend to refer to you or if your client can help make your job easier i.e., bring to the front yard the items he/she wants to be hauled from the backyard.

However, if you prefer not to compromise your price point, you might want to consider hauling away only the items your fee can accommodate. A good selling point is hauling away the most cumbersome items to lift while the client does the rest to save money.

“I probably will do the job myself”

Express that you understand why your client feels that way and that doing the job him/herself is a valid option. Help the customer with information about how to do the job, so if the customer decides against it, you are still on the phone to offer help. Sometimes, clients don’t realize that doing the job entails having to rent a truck, seeking help from others to do the heavy lifting, and buying food for the kind friends that lent them a hand. Give your client a word of precaution that waste needs proper disposal and that landfills have their non-operating hours too. Help them calculate how long and how much the job will cost them compared to the convenience that your offer.

“I gotta talk to my boss about this”

Seeking the help of services that generate junk removal leads attracts all sorts of potential customers, including businesses. Most secretaries or employees would’ve discussed the budget with their bosses before phoning you. Commercial jobs have a high chance of needing your assistance again. Hence, working your way towards setting an appointment for you to visit the commercial space to determine the fee accurately is a good strategy. Let the caller know that there is no harm in booking and canceling the appointment while he/she checks with the boss.

The concept of negotiating can be intimidating, but there’s a lot to gain by doing it. But first, you need to handle hesitations well. Good luck!