The next best thing for your Dog? CBD Infused Treats take the Cake 

Have you ever wondered if your dog can enjoy CBD the way you can?

If you’re a CBD enthusiast, then you know just how great its impact can be. So you might wonder, can it be good for my dog too? The answer may surprise you, but at the end of the day, it’s a simple yes. CBD can be great for your dog and can actually help keep your dog relaxed.

How it works in dogs

If you’re looking to help your dog take a breather, a CBD treat for your dog may be the safest option. In dogs, CBD works very similar to the way it does in people. So, there is no need to worry about harming your furry little pal. In dogs, CBD can actually be used to treat the same ailments that may trouble yourself. CBD can help relieve a dog of pain, and ease the discomfort of stomach issues. So believe it or not, and opposed to prescription drugs, CBD is a great option for your pet. So you may be wondering, what kind of treats can I get?


You can get all different types of treats for your dog, and they can be quite creative. One of the best options you can go with Kushly Dog Hemp Treats. These biscuits feature a safe dosage for your dog, and allow them to eat it as a favorite snack.


If you don’t generally give your dog biscuits, don’t worry, because they even make dog bones infused with CBD. Popular brands may vary based on your location, but a simple Google search can provide you with a top five list for your area very quickly. These are generally recommended for larger dogs, and with CBD, size does matter.

Bacon filled snacks

Aside from biscuits and bones, you can also opt for full-fledged CBD dog food. Brands like MediPets actually provide meat flavored CBD infused dog treats, and they can come packed with healthy vegetables as well. Some other interesting ideas include CBD infused bacon strips for dogs, and even jerky as well.

Dosage tips

Every treat you get for your dog will generally provide you with a dosage on the container. The CBD industry is not as regulated as some other industries, so just be sure not to feed your dog too much CBD. It can end up making your dog sluggish, and may cause them to feel sick. So, before you give your dog the whole bag, make sure you check the dosage level provided. You should also be sure to check out how the weight of your dog may impact the CBD dosage. Luckily, many of the companies mentioned above can provide all this information for you.

The verdict

So when your dog is feeling down, or having some issues, don’t leave then hanging. CBD treats for dogs are a great way to add some mellow to your dog’s bark. There are many brands that do a great job making tasty CBD treats for your dog, and studies have shown that CBD is becoming the way to go.