Unique Hair Styles Using Braids

Hey ladies!! Did you know that A braid may be a complex design shaped by inter lap two or more together for the unique styles for many women and young girls’ hair today. If you think you can do it alone then there are plenty of hair salon braids near me or in your area they will do it for you and also show you step by step so you can see these unique hairstyles using braids. Here are some of the unique hairstyles using braids that seem to get all the ladies attention.

Half-Up Waterfall Braid

Take a big section of hair at the front and separate into three strands, back strand and cross it over the middle, front strand and cross it over the middle, back strand plus add a little section of hair into it, back strand plus new section of hair over the middle,leave the front strand as is,take a section of hair behind and the front strand,cross this new section over the middle,repeating the same steps,cross that back section plus new section of hair over the middle. Once again leave the front strand as is and take a section behind it to cross over the middle,repeat all the same steps all the way to the back of your head and secure it. You are all done and it looks awesome, sexy and unique that fixes you.

Inside-Out Fishtail Braid

Separate the hair into two sections, and get a third smaller piece from the underside of the right section, pull the smaller piece across the center toward the middle,connect the smaller piece to the left section and pull tight,switch to the opposite side, and repeat steps two through four keep alternating sides finger combing each piece before weaving ,then repeat though the whole braid this way pulling tight as you go, finish up your fishtail pulling it tight

Double Dutch Updo

Start with parting to bottom of head, then tie away one side, top of other side, create triangle,section and split in three,inner strand under middle strand,outer strand under middle strand,small amount of hair to strands, and pass under again,technique, adding hair each pass,once at the bottom, secure. Repeat on the other side.

Oversize Three-Strand Ponytail Braid

Start with a secure base, divide the hair into three even sections, then cross the left section over the middle section,cross the right section over the middle section,repeat this braiding in this same manner until you get to the end then secure the braid.

Double French Braided Updo

Separate your hair down in the middle , then piece of hair close your head make it into three even section center, and right section, weave the left area over the center area to start, weave the correct area over the center area and then proceed the braid,then add hair to the left area and across it over the center section,hair to the right section before you crossing it over the center section,repeat this until you are at the end of your hair,and at that point use something to secure the braid.

Are you ready to have some fun with these awesome styles? Once you pick a desired braiding style,thickness and have your hair braided even if you do it yourself or have a hair salon braids near me or in your area. you can shape your hair any way you want to . remember to have fun with this and choice diffident hair styles that fix you and your personality to the max.