Standardized Testing and Private Schools

When looking to receive a high school education, students and parents will have a couple of options. One of these options is private school which provides students with a high quality preparatory education. Whenever a student is attending high school, they will often have to take standardized tests. These tests are administered by a school board of education to ensure proficiency in certain subjects. A student will also need to take tests such as the SAT and ACT in order to qualify for college admission. Standardized testing is also required for those who wish to apply for admission to private schools as well. With both standardized testing and private school education, educators believe that they can assess the academic potential in a student.


As a person attends high school, they will usually be required to take tests. Some of these tests are given in an effort to measure a student’s learning progress. These tests make sure that a student has all of the basic knowledge and skills necessary to advance to another grade and/or to graduate from high school. Some other tests are administered by private schools in an effort to assess whether or not a junior high student has the academic capability to successfully complete the coursework.


The results of these standardized tests have been mixed. While some of the tests have proven to help educators measure a student’s academic abilities, they have also been ineffective at times as well. There have been many reports that standardized tests do not fairly assess the academic ability of a student. They may have certain circumstances that negatively affect their performance on these tests. Another factor to keep in mind about standardized tests is that students with disabilities or economically disadvantaged backgrounds generally score lower than their more privileged counterparts. As a result, these tests do not fairly measure the academic potential of a student.


Students who score well on standardized tests in junior high will often be eligible for admission to private schools. Students who manage to excel on these tests will be in position to attend the finest private schools in Atlanta GA. By attending the top private schools in Atlanta GA, students will be in position to enhance the quality of their educational experience. When attending a private school, they will be in a better position to score high on standardized tests that are issued by the state and also ones that are administered by the College Board.


One of the most detrimental factors in the performance of students on standardized tests is the high school curriculum. For students who perform well on standardized tests, they have experience in completing some of the most challenging courses available. With challenging courses, they are taught the most advanced subject matter as well as getting high quality instruction from top teachers. The curriculum at a private school is often geared towards doing well on various standardized tests and getting into top universities. Those who do not attend private school or who don’t take the most challenging course curriculum will sometimes perform poorly on these types of tests.


Since standardized tests do not necessarily evaluate a student’s true potential, many parents have protested against educational institutions administering these tests. Due to things such as economic disadvantages or family problems, students may not be able to excel on one particular test. In order to address this concern, educational institutions have looked to evaluate a student’s academic progress in other ways. They have now looked to consider course grades, individual curriculum, consider the student’s background and also lower the standards of these tests. With these changes, students will be able to avoid stress and reach their full academic potential without having to worry about any negative consequences.