Why is Automation Testing Necessary? and How it Helps?

Before knowing about the automation testing tools and their types, you need to know what automation testing is. In general words, automation testing is a technique to test or check any application in less time. And also provide great effectiveness and efficiency in the testing of the web application. The testing can also be performed manually, but you need to know that manual testing is a costly and time-consuming process. Therefore if you need a quick result, you should opt for automation testing.

For automation testing usually used automation testing tools, there is various type of tools available for testing. But you need to understand that not everything in the automation testing is automatic. You still have to do certain things, but overall the test is more effective rather than manual testing.

Why is automation testing necessary?

This is the one question that always comes in everyone’s mind that when we have manual testing, then why we should opt for automation testing. Just ignore the part that is a cost-efficient and less time-consuming process. Need to understand that suppose there is a software which has been a new release and there is a bug in that web application at that point of time, the automation testing is very important because if you opt for manual testing at that point of time, it consumes a lot of time. And the automation tools are more effective and efficient in any situation.

Few all the best automation testing tools


This is one of the best automation testing tools of 2019, and it is an All-in-One testing tool. And it can be used for mobile desktop and web application testing as well. Which tool can easily automate the user interface test data-driven test regression testing, and much more?

Lambda test

This is also one of the best automation testing tools available in the market. The stool allows you to run cross-browser testing for the web application. One of the main highlights of this automation tool is provision for cross browsing testing across more than 2000 browsers.

Test complete

it is another great automation tool that you can use for your mobile desktop and web application testing. It will also allow you to run a functional UI test. The skill test roles more than 1500 real test environments.

Katalon studio

The katalon studio is one of the most effective automation tools when it comes to testing the API web and mobile application. This automation tool is integrated with a rich set of features that supports all the platforms like Mac OS Windows and Linux.


This is an free source mechanization testing tool. And the stool is very widely used in regression testing. One of the main highlighting features of this animation tool allows you to run multiple tests at the same time. And it’s well-matched with nearly every software design language.

There are many different types of automation tools available in the market, but here we have gathered a few of the best that will give you effective and efficient results every time you use it.

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