How Armored Vehicles are Designed to Save Lives?

Armored vehicles have saved the lives of many drivers and passengers on many occasions. They have been vital vehicles in war situations and police forces around the world choose to armor their vehicles to get extra protection. If you are planning to buy an armored vehicle, you probably have a lifestyle that requires you to have one.

An armored vehicle from Troy Armoring can protect its occupants from many forms of attacks consistently. The most common feature that armored vehicles have is protection from rifle and handgun bullets. Such protection will give drivers some peace of mind knowing they are safe from this kind of attack.  Read on to know how armored vehicles are designed to save lives:

Ballistic Palates

Armored vehicles are designed by having ballistic plates overlapping all areas. Such plates are contoured to fit the roof and sides of the car. Often, the floor is provided with a greater level of protection to keep it safe against grenade or other forms of explosive devices. The vehicle’s entire passenger and driver compartment is sealed and protected from the window, which is the weakest point in any car design. The windows in an armored vehicle are replaced with multi-layered ballistic glass which is stronger than the glass in unprotected vehicles.

Protected Functionality

Armored cars are mobile and maintaining such an aspect can be vital to the survival of drivers and passengers. This can be achieved by protecting the battery and the car’s computer. This makes sure the core elements of the vehicle continue to function. Armored vehicles have tyres that run on flat tyres, ensuring that even after extensive damage, the vehicle will still move. The vehicle is installed with all these tyres including the spare. Also, the engine and tailpipe are kept functional for greater safety.

Reinforced Axles and Chassis

Reinforcing the axles and chassis allows for the extra weight of the car to accommodate the upgraded armored metal and glass. Such reinforcement is extended to the door hinges because they are currently more strain. To give a vehicle full functionality, it is equipped with a more powerful engine.

If you want to buy an armored vehicle with all important features, contact a reputable armored car manufacturer with a list of your preferences and requirements. This will open the door to a greater level of comfort, security, and peace of mind. Armored cars are equipped with advanced features to help save the lives of people even in some of the toughest environments. But if you want guns, handguns, rifles, and you wish to purchase PA-10 rifles, visit for the top-grade guns and ammo at the best rates.