When starting your own business for the first time, you will of course be required to make important decisions on a daily basis. Though it may in some sense seem to be a secondary concern, the office space which you chose will in fact have a considerable effect on the mood of your employees, as well as the productivity, efficiency, time management and overall success of your business. With this in mind, it is essential to consider the potential pros and cons of your prospective office space according to these simple guidelines.


Admittedly, it is somewhat of a cliché, but the location of your office space will undoubtedly have a huge bearing on the success of your business. Whilst the temptation – especially for those new to business – may be to opt for a cheaper office in a more remote or suburban area, you should most definitely think twice before going with a less expensive location. Sure, you will most likely save money on rent in the short term. But who will in fact frequent your business if they are forced to travel longer distances to obtain goods or services they could acquire closer to home? Admittedly, the prevalence of Skype and other conference calling software has made distance business relations a reality. However, there is surely still no substitute for face-to-face interactions with clients.


Having an office which suits your customers does not just mean choosing a central location. On the contrary, there are also a number of other considerations which can help to make an office more appealing to prospective and pre-existing clients. For example, does your office space provide parking? Naturally, it is all very well to have a fantastic, centralised location for your office. However, if customers cannot in fact access the office space by car, you are effectively limiting your client base. Similarly, employees may also be deterred by the prospect of paid parking. If you do find that your office space cannot provide for these, perhaps consider offering a reduced rate for employee parking, and validating customer parking tickets.


It is important to be aware not only of the average rent for each area you consider buying in, but also of the reputation of the landlords you consider renting your office from. Although you’d hope that no-one would intentionally overcharge you for your office space, unfortunately not all individuals have the same morals! Accordingly, it is an absolute must that you familiarise yourself with the going rates for offices in different areas, as well as making sure you know exactly who you are renting from.