How to generate positive reviews online

Living in a world where online business is more common than shopping in person, you have to work a lot harder to get your name out there. Once you do get your name out there you also have to worry about what people are saying about your business. When you have an online business, it can be hard to get returning and consistent customers, so you have to let what people are saying about your business online speak for the company.

Sometimes they aren’t saying great things, this affects your business, but there is a way to fix it. In this article we are going to go over what you can do to generate positive reviews online. If you follow this list, then you will have customers rushing to your site in no time.

The first thing that you can do is send a follow up text or email. Whether the customer bought something or left something in their cart, send them a message that shows that you are paying attention and care about their experience. You can send a link in the email or text that the customer can click on this link will take them straight to customer service or a review page so they can let you know how their experience was.

If they bought an item, it’s a reminder to review it so you have good reviews, and if they didn’t buy something, it’s a way they can let you know what they didn’t like about the experience so you know how to fix it. Send them this with a small coupon and they will be sure to leave a nice review.

Most sites refuse to let you ask for positive reviews, so phrase it differently. Instead of asking the customers to leave a great review on the product they bought, tell them that you would love their feedback. Ask them about their experience and encourage that they give an honest opinion. If the customer feels like they should do this, based on the card or message that you send them, they will likely give you a great review because they know that these reviews help your company grow.

Have a great staff of customer service ready to answer questions and work through concerns your customers may have. Having great customer service also gives people a reason to leave a good review. It shows that even though they were having an issue, they had someone there to fix it for them almost immediately.

 And if a customer uses the service and get their issue resolved, send them an email to remind them to review their experience. Tell them you are learning and would like to know how your company did and if they were satisfied with their service.

Last but not least, create a social media page. This is the way that allows you to talk directly to your customers. If they have an issue, they will talk about it on social media. If they talk about it on your social media page, you can respond quickly and let them know that the problem is fixed before anyone reads the review and thinks badly of your products.

It is not hard to generate positive reviews, you just need to know how to word things. Follow these steps and have patience, the great reviews, and the customers that come with them, will be coming in before you know it. Once your business gets a lot of positive reviews, nothing will be able to tear you down.