Internet as a livelihood for many people

The Internet has become a great source of passive income and even primary income for many people. Many have started working online to make money. Creating vlogs, blogs, helping people teach through various platforms like edx, coursera, khan academy have become very common and they start earning for the courses they make online. Traffic is generated for these educational videos, which leads to generating a great amount of revenue.

Where does the revenue come from?

The revenue online is generated through the advertisements that tend to appear on the sides, top of the web pages. When a visitor clicks on the advertisement links, the company pays them for the visitor on their web page.

Placing advertisements in the apt place and at the right time can be a tedious task to figure out but for that google display network has made it easy. Google display network or GDN is a system that has more than 2 million web pages and it helps in placing the advertisements in front of specific targeted audiences all over the world.

The google display network reads the specific keywords that the user is looking for and according to that, it places suitable ads in front of the user’s screen.

It has been noticed that the users who look for something on the internet usually surf the internet to buy that particular product. Through the google display network, one can advertise in front of the right people/ audience for the product they themselves had been looking for. These ads are often seen on almost every web page we visit like Facebook, Instagram and other social media websites and sites like YouTube. The domains are hand picked and one can also analyse the customer’s habits of web searching and requirements of them.