Top FAQs related to customs broker in Canada

Customs broker offers you a list of services that can be beneficial for your business in Canada. Most businesses rely on them for import and export to Canada. They play a critical role in business. Licensed brokers are more reliable than freelancers and thus, Canada has a couple of trusted customs brokers firms.

From documentation to customs clearance, customs brokers have all the rights to perform several tasks on behalf of the client. We have some of the commonly asked questions to customs brokers. These will help you to clear your doubts when hiring one for your import to Canada.

Top FAQs related to customs brokers in Canada:

Do customs broker companies handle general information on importing and exporting?

Yes, they handle all the questions related to importing. They also help you to understand the laws and any changes in the law of the country in import and export business.

How to choose the best customs broker for import to Canada?

Check the reviews; ask referrals from colleagues, friends, and family. Meet a few brokers personally and hire someone from a registered firm.

How much does a customs broker charge for his/her fee?

It depends on the responsibilities undertaken by them. If they are representing your company and performing all the roles, their quote will be higher than mere customs tasks. Experienced broker fee will also differ from amateur or newly qualified customs staff.

Are brokers trustworthy for power of attorney?

If you are hiring them from a registered and licensed firm, there are minimal risks. Legal firms hire the best customs brokers that can be a power of attorney.

Can a broker help you speed up the importing process?

Yes, they know the customs process well and the people too. They work with them on a regular basis for other clients as well and thus, they can help you complete the formalities in less time than otherwise.

What are the costs involved in importing?

A customs broker will help you calculate the broker fee, customs duty and handling fee, taxes, and other costs on the total value of goods. The charges also include freight costs and insurance fee. In case of any delayed shipment or documentation, the client will also be charged penalties as per the law of customs in Canada.

Where can I find a good customs broker firm?

Visit offices or browse through websites like customs broker. They are one of the reliable firms for import to Canada.