Unique Ideas For Stripper Entertainment 

What makes a bucks party epic, bucks strippers Melbourne. Even though a bucks night would be incomplete without naked, naughty women. There are more ways that you can incorporate nude women. The strip club makes things easy because the venue is secured and there is usually someone you can get to tailor-make your event. If you are looking for ideas, here are a few of them:

Imaginary Abduction

At first, the groom will think it is just another typical bucks party. Perhaps bucks party with bucks strippers Melbourne some beer-pong and maybe a pub crawl, but if you really know him, you will have ideas that will blow his mind! It’s time to make some noise. A stunning woman in skimpy clothing is waiting for you at the door, eager to serve you beer and flaunt her best features. Just as the boys are enjoying the show and praising you, all of a sudden chaos breaks out! Your hot topless lady kidnaps your Buck and stuffs him into the back of a car—which just so happens to be a stretch hummer. 

Go on a cruise 

When planning a Bucks night, Fire Engine Cruise Transport is definitely something to think about. It’s not the time to cut corners on transportation when you’ve planned the Bucks party to end all Bucks parties, particularly if a topless stunner is eager to join you inside. To be honest, nobody wants to show up anywhere in some guys beat-up commodore, not for such an event and the amount of money they will have to spend. Think of something unconventional like a fire truck. Wild things can happen on a Bucks night, but it’s not every day that a fire truck pulls up to take you for a ride, much less when there’s a scorching hot topless babe inside waiting for you. The boys will definitely cherish this ride forever. It would be something special to have a strip show in a fire truck if you can find one. 

Dealer in Topless Poker

Your friend might be happy with just a pair of nice tits, Cuban cigars and fine scotch – you know, the finer things for gentlemen. Why not organize a bucks event in a club where you can turn a room or a certain section of the club into a casino with beautiful, flirtatious croupiers. See if anyone can manage to keep their eyes on the game especially if there is another young lady walking around the make-shift casino. 

Naughty Sushi 

Whilst we think of naughty ways to spice up a bucks night, there are a couple more naughty things you can do. Try Nyataimore, which is a Japanese name for eating sushi served on a naked woman’s body. Some Strip clubs offer this. Find out if your chosen venue has girls who are up to the experience. 

Imagine the looks on your mates’ faces as a naked stripper climbs on a table and then a second topless stripper with nothing on but stripper heels and a g-string and high heels  appears to serve you delicious sushi and keeps your drinks filled. This should make your bucks party more memorable.