What to Consider When Shopping for Natural Gas Heaters

There are quite a few things to consider when shopping for natural gas heaters. This article outlines four important product features to be on the lookout for when you want to buy natural gas heaters.

Warming Capacity

You need to understand the warming capacity of the natural gas heaters you’re considering. This relates directly to how much space you want to heat. The warming capacity of a gas fireplace in Melbourne is about room size, but it’s also is connected to how fast your room will be heated. Which gas heater you choose will depend largely on your local climate and your room size. You also need to bear in mind that portable or unflued natural gas heaters must only be used in rooms that are big enough for the capacity, otherwise you risk danger from their emissions in too small of a room. For immediate heat, opt for the largest capacity (in MJ/h) for a particular room’s size. Lower capacity natural gas heaters will still heat, but they will take longer to do so.


The size of any LPG gas heaters you’re considering really matters. If you drop a lot of money on a gas fireplace in Melbourne that’s larger than what you need, this means a higher initial cost as well as higher ongoing running bills. Conversely, if you don’t spend enough, your smaller natural gas heaters will be straining to heat the room quickly enough. When it comes to kWh heat output, think of it in these terms: 1 kWh equates to heating about 10 square metres. This is not an exact formula, as there are variables such as climate, ceiling height, if nearby rooms are also heated, whether you’re insulated, getting direct sun during the day, and other factors. For the best outcome, always ask your supplier of natural gas heaters for their advice on size.  

Unflued Portable Heaters

A flue is a name for a pipe that allows exhaust gases from your heater or gas fireplace in Melbourne to escape outside. This prevents your room from being overwhelmed with fumes, and also minimises the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, so it’s not something you want to omit. But if you’re currently renting a property, or if you don’t want a flue, you can choose from portable or unflued LPG gas heaters. The benefits of portable natural gas heaters are that they’re easy to move and reposition, they provide instant heat, they’re much more efficient than an electric heater, and many have a range of safety features that come built-in. The downside of portable natural gas heaters are that the emissions stay in the room, they’re illegal to use in poorly ventilated spaces like bathrooms or bedrooms, and they produce carbon monoxide and water vapour, which is why ventilation is important. With adequate ventilation, many of these downsides disappear.


There’s nothing like the appearance of an open fire, which is exactly what you get when you choose a gas fireplace in Melbourne with realistic logs in amongst the flames. You get all of the aesthetic appeal with gas heaters without any of the hassle of constantly loading a fire with wood or cutting up pieces of wood with an axe. Choosing a gas fireplace can be an important part of renovating your home, helping to create just the right vibe for relaxation and warmth in your living room. Take a moment to consider just what kind of look you desire – modern or traditional? Sleek or decorative? The appearance of a gas fireplace in Melbourne is half its charm.