All You Need to Know About Short Run Stamping

What is short run metal stamping and what can it do for a company? Short run stamping is an economical manufacturing process that is perfectly suited for companies that are looking to get repetitive low to medium-sized orders completed, who need short lead/turnover time, or desire modifications to their products. It utilizes stock parts to create a faster process to create the metal shaping and parts that any company may need from their manufacturers.

Short run stamping can save you time and hassle with your metal stamping needs. But how does it compare with the standard progressive stamping? Why should a company change their standard means of production? Well here’s a little information for those who may have questions.

In essence, short run stamping means there are less tools used in the process. Short run stamping is generally less complicated, using mostly standard or stock shapes and tools, thus there is less of a need for as many complex tools used for progressive stamping. This is because progressive stamping generally requires more custom made tools, which elongates the process and causes a pricier, and longer, process. However, the price per part is a little higher for short run stamping, since there is a tendency to make short run stamping in smaller quantities. That being said, however, it can save a lot of money in the long run.

The biggest draw for short run metal stamping: the parts come faster! With shorter lead times, the parts can get delivered to the customer a lot quicker than through progressive stamping. This is because the set up is much more simple, and thus reduces the set up time. With more stock and standard parts, the set up is a quick organization of the steps of processing. It’s a much more simple way of delivering a similar service.

Using short run stamping does not exclude many standard charges, however. Most companies will still charge a maintenance fee, to help with the upkeep up the pieces required to finish out the job. Any mid flow changes to the design will also charge a standard adjustment fee.

With all this information, why use short run stamping? There are many benefits that come with using short run stamping. The most obvious is the faster turnaround times for the products the client needs. A less obvious benefit, though, would be that it is a much more economical solution to getting the product than progressive stamping. Most companies also set strict quality standards for their short run stamping. Short run stamping is perfect to make your seasonal products made up and ready for the time that a company may need. It is perfectly suited for companies that do not possess the ability to have an engineering department in their company space.

Overall, the highlights to short run stamping are that it makes the process of getting a company’s metal products and parts to them much quicker, and cheaper, than other modes of production. It is more economically friendly to the company itself, and provides a much quicker turnaround time so the company can perform at a faster production rate to satisfy their customers. Not only is it faster, but with so much competition being created with short run stamping, the quality is strictly monitored, so the client knows that they are getting the best bang for their buck. With so many benefits and options, it’s clear that short run metal stamping is a strong option for any company’s production needs.