Article title: 5 Gym Equipments for Every Type of Workout

Some exercise equipment, whether big or small, will never want to leave a regular workout routine. Here are a few of the tools that are easy to function and provide an efficient workout program for trimming weight, getting fit, and staying fit.

  • Medicine Balls

For those who enjoy a machine-free workout, medicine balls are a very useful fitness accessory, especially for sports performance. You can cleverly plan a workout of lunges, squats, sit ups, and curls, and you can get your deeper muscles working for good posture and balance including the stomach muscles.

  • Pull Up Bar

If you’re looking to build more strength to your upper body area, the pull up bar is an excellent advanced exercise to consider as an additional in your workout program. Since you’ll be hanging onto a pullup bar while pulling yourself up until your chin is above the bar, it helps with grip strength, back muscles and shoulders alongside losing fat at the same time.

  • Treadmill

Treadmills are an excellent source of aerobic workout equipment that puts less stress on the body than walking or running outdoors does. When you adjust your level of speed you’re allowed the freedom to choose your level of physical endurance activity and gradually increase the speed as you progress while keeping track of your heart rate also.

  • Air Bike

Pedaling a stationary air bike for 25 minutes will burn calories the same as running would do – of course in a much more safer way. It can get your heart-rate up which boosts great blood flow to your entire body as with toning your legs, thighs and buttocks but also your arms, abdominal and back muscles. You can also choose from a variety of air bikes such as the recumbent bikes, upright bikes and spin bikes.

  • Punching Bag

An immensely popular exercise equipment found at gym equipment and homes is the punching bag. As an aerobic workout, implementing proper punching techniques increase the heart rate and oxygen circulation supply. Plus, constantly hitting the bag also develops upper body strength and prevents any chances of osteoporosis. Each strike also improves your mental stability and helps you with stamina.