Easy Cake Decoration Ideas Perfect for Beginners

Have you recently started baking and have instantly fallen in love with it? If so then you must have wondered about some easy decoration tips that you can use for your next baking experience. A cake must be decorated in order to look beautiful. Being a main highlight of any event one just can’t compromise with the decoration of the cake, and therefore, here are some easy tips which you can use for decorating the cake.

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  • Dripping Cake: If you are looking for a fun way to decorate any cake then this is a good idea. All you need to do is to take some ganache and put it on a cold cake. Make sure that you get drips that are of varying lengths. Mastering can be tricky and you should first try this on some other substance just to see how it looks. Once you are sure you can do it then you can easily try the same on your cake.
  • Sprinkled Cake: Need a super easy way of decorating your cake? If yes, then why not try this method of sprinkled cake? Well, all you have to do is to pick the sprinkles of your choice and then roll the cake carefully in this to get the required appearance. Make sure you do not press the cake too much otherwise it may break. Carefully roll it on the sprinkles and within no time your cake will get a beautiful appearance.
  • Ruffle Cake: Ruffles look really beautiful on any cake, especially on red velvet cake. The ruffles could be of any color and you can decorate it such that the outer decor reveals the beautiful taste of velvet cake. You may order the red velvet cake online and then decorate the same with some homemade ruffles. The effect on the cake is very gorgeous and it is perfect for beginners as there is a little to no effort required.
  • Simple Fondant Design: Off lately, fondant cakes have been really famous and people are opting for this type of design as it truly enhances the appearance of any cake. All you need it fondant and then the color with which you would like to tweak it. This is perfect when you wish to decorate the cake by customizing it. You can use fondant to create perfect themed cakes. For instance, if your friend is a makeup enthusiast then you can decorate the cake with the theme of MAC or any of their favourite.
  • Galaxy Cake Decor: You must have seen the galaxy cake decor on social media and no doubt it is really famous. When you look at the galaxy cake you might think as if a lot of work into it. But the truth is that it is not that difficult. You can use this decor for a variety of events.
  • Edible Spray Paints: Even if it is an Oldie Goldie Black forest cake, people love to grab a bite of it. But nowadays the design of the cakes has lifted up the bar; just smearing the name on the cake is not enough. You need a boutique piece that not only gets the spectator mouthful of water but also the image of it should be marked on the mind forever. For such a beauty, you have these artistic spray paints where an edible ink is sprinkled over the cake to make it youthful and trendy.
  • Artistic Articles: When one is not feeling fit for the fondant they can make use of Artistic cake article which makes the cake looks fancy. These artifacts are readily available in the cake shop or you can ideate it as per your own creativity. Make a flowering mountain cake and dip down the Barbie doll or get a pair of glasses and paste dig it in the cake to make it a Dexter type cake. Beautification can be as fancy and as crazy but all it takes is just an idea and some fancy article to make it the best. Try a small arctic piece and make it look 3D.

Thus, with the help of the above tips you can decorate any cake with utmost ease. It will take less time and still make your cake look amazing.