How to build a high-performing growth team?

Growth hacking agencies are the problem solvers for many businesses, but what makes them experts?

Growth hacking is something that requires focusing on various aspects of the problems and forming a strategy accordingly. It cannot happen with a single person; you need a team of experts ready to solve any hurdles that arise and help people grow instantly.

The growth teams are made of people with creativity and innovation in their heads, with determination and hard work at heart. Building a high-performing growth team can be difficult, but growth hacking agencies can quickly form one by following the simple steps mentioned below.

In this article, we will take a visit to a few steps that you must follow to create a high-performing growth team for effective growth hacking.

Step 1: Make a Strong Base For your Company

Before proceeding with any moves, you must understand the four basics for your growth hacking agency. The four factors comprise the main objective of the firm, the key metrics, the growth stages, and the support of the main stakeholders of your company.

Having proper knowledge about these four aspects is the very initial step of your successful journey towards making a growth team.

All four steps are essential to any business,

The central objective of the company: Your growth team members should learn the priority of the company’s goal and work together towards it. There must be a particular goal set for your team members to follow.

The growth stage of your start-up: You must monitor yourself as a company and where you stand regarding growth. You must know the right location for your company to evaluate the next step you will take properly. If your start-up already stands in favor of distributing media, it can quickly help you to increase your growth as you can endorse your product and services there. At this step, you can look for tricks and techniques that will help you improve your AARRR

The key metrics: Prioritizing your metrics at this step is a smart move and will help you to concentrate on the required one, thus, benefitting you the most.

Support from main stakeholders: Your principal co-founders and the big investors should be with you; it will create a favorable environment for the growth team members. They will help to avoid any hindrances that can be in the way of remaining part of your growth team. People are driving inspiration from them and thus making a good team.

Step 2: Selecting the appropriate growth model for your team

When growth hacking agencies are concerned, there are mainly two types of team models:

The first one is the Independent Team Model, which comprises several crew people acting differently and performing their particular tasks independently. Here, the team members of a growth team can function according to their priorities. However, the main motto of the model is to promote growth and reach the expected destination by achieving the targeted role.

The independent growth model depends on two factors. In the first case, they organize the growth team according to the workflow; second, the model is structured according to the metrics.

The only drawback of the independent model is the higher possibility of fights and friction between the team members as they are working towards their respective individual goals and going with their priorities. It can sometimes bring disturbance to harmonious relationships and create more significant conflicts later.

The second is the Functional model, which comprises the members working together and reporting everything to the functioning executive.

Step 3: Choosing the suitable people for your growth team

Growth hacking agencies rely on their growth team to develop and progress their business. Therefore, choosing the right skilled people for your team is a crucial step. It is the next inevitable step that you need to follow with a thoughtful process and an alert mind. Remember that you are building a team. Therefore, each member must have unique abilities which allow them to make a good teammate. The chosen people must know what is expected from them and work accordingly. People must be flexible as growth hacking agencies are complex and dynamic in nature. They must have the qualities to serve the role of growth hackers for varied fields in the business.

While choosing the selective person for the growth team, you must look at your team as a whole, serving every other purpose. Therefore, make a team that comprises a leader, a product handler or manager, marketers, software engineers, data handlers and analysts, designers, etc.

Step 4: Build a community looking toward growth.

Focus on one goal by building or creating a community for your team members. It is one of the most useful things you can do for effective team growth. There might be hindrances and friction between the teammates, but building a community can help drive the team’s main objective to be achieved. Try to maintain adequate communication flow between the people in the growth team to avoid any future miscommunication and disparity. Through proper interaction, people can easily handle the complexity of the situation.

You must pay attention to these steps to build a high-performing growth team for your growth hacking agency.