How Unseen Mold in Your Home Could Put Your Health at Risk

It’s hardly a secret that mold is off putting. Most people have been shocked to find it growing in some long forgotten dish or the like at some time in their lives. However, people encounter it rarely enough that they can forget just how dangerous it can be. Mold is certainly gross. But it can be dangerous as well.

One of the biggest issues stems from the fact that mold is so hard to see. Imagine if there were a ravenous alligator in one’s home. Now imagine if it was silent, invisible and not subject to the ravages of aging. It’s a rather terrifying prospect. But that’s similar to what one faces with mold. Mold is very similar to the hypothetical alligator. It’s a dangerous living being. It’s slow, but powerful. And it’s utterly silent.

Of course it’s rather hard to understand just how deadly mold can be. The biggest issue is that mold constantly sends out spores. This is how mold reproduces. There is an aspect of violence to spore distribution though.

Mold is a fungus. And like most fungus, it can consume decaying biological materials. In the wild mold can take down an animal. And then the mold will use it for food. Anyone who’s wandered off trail in a woodland setting has probably seen something similar at one point or another.

The big concern for humans is that mold will often start to grow within a home. While it prefers large biological masses it can often do fine with much less. Even a damp basement is usually fine for mold. Now that one understands what mold is and why it’s dangerous there’s another important question. How can one detect mold?

It’s not always easy to find mold. If it’s been feasting on something one can usually take note of it fairly easily. But otherwise one needs to be on the lookout for patches of discoloration on walls. It can come in almost any color, even bright orange. But it’s the black form, known as black mold, which is the most dangerous.

Someone will often be able to notice mold by its effect on his or her health as well. One of the more insidious things about mold’s effect on health is that it acts as an immunosuppressant. It doesn’t just attack someone’s health. Mold also paves the way for other microorganisms to have an easier time attacking. Though the first symptom people usually notice is difficulty breathing.

People who have asthma will often notice it before anyone else. Anyone who has trouble with pollen will probably have more with air filled by spores. However, almost anyone will begin to have similar problems eventually. The spores often become dense enough to cause physical impediments to breathing.

Spores can also start to damage one’s lungs over time. This can confuse the issue a little as going outside won’t alleviate the problem. Someone suffering lung damage due to spores will have trouble breathing even in the most sterile environment. The whole situation is made even more difficult by the fact that different areas suffer from totally different types of mold.

This is also why one should go with local options when possible. For example, mold removal central Orange County adjacent if someone lives within that area. The reason is that someone in the area looking for mold removal central Orange County adjacent is trying to find local help for a local problem. Mold is a universal issue.

But the specific types of mold are often unique to an area. Someone in one’s own area will usually have experience with whatever mold is in the building. This also means that they’ll come with expertise in finding and eliminating that type of mold. Doing so isn’t just keeping things sanitary either. As seen earlier, it’s also protecting one’s health.