Eco-Friendly Trends For Commercial Buildings

Eco friendly Construction Companies

There are many eco friendly construction companies out there, just got to put in the work to find them. Environmentally friendly buildings are more than a passing trend, they are the Paradigm shift in the field of architecture and help secure the future of urbanization. An environmentally-friendly building should make use of air, water, and other natural resources.

In this article, we will go over many things that contribute to having eco friendly construction companies.

Some Environmentally-Friendly Techniques To Live By

A great way to save energy is to use Energy Star equipment which helps with heating, cooling, and light fixtures. Also, something that can help with your building is using any type of recycled lumber or plastic. If you need to save water, you should look into low-flow toilets and water-saver faucets. All of these are a great way of saving you money inside your buildings.

New Building Materials

The most cutting-edge techniques to use these days is to block weather conditions and use recycled materials whenever possible. The price for a lot of these things can be very high, but paying for it now will ensure that you have a lot less cost later.

Something that you probably should look into investing in is recycled wood, straw bales, and insulated concrete forms. These are all great materials that you can use whenever you’re trying to substitute for more eco-friendly materials for your company.


There’s a big increase, in eco-friendly construction companies that are looking to increase their standards. This is a great way that companies can get these standards passes as laws in the future.

The United States and Canada are really big on using the Leed rating system to help build up the standard of their companies. As they continue to regulate these standards, hopefully, this can be pushed across the world.


There are a lot of construction companies that are going green and this is going to change the whole scope of the world. The market for sustainable products in this industry is being supported by increased legislation and is creating new opportunities for construction companies who want more eco-friendly materials.

LEED-certified buildings are 40% green around the entire country. In 2015-2018 LEED-certified buildings will save 1.2 billion dollars in energy savings. LEED is truly focused and pushing the industry forward in so many ways.

Net-Zero Buildings

Buildings that have as much renewable energy as regular buildings are considered net-zero energy buildings. On the other hand, net-positive energy buildings create more energy than they can handle. Walgreens started the first net-zero energy retail store in Evanston Illinois. The money that is being saved, Walgreens is using the extra revenue to power 6,000 households a year.

Continuing The Eco-Friendly Dream

If we truly want to inspire those who want to build eco-friendly buildings then we must have sustained energy across the world. This could be a struggle for many, but if we continue to work together we can shape the world into what it should be. We have come so far, and 2020 and beyond this can lead to a more eco-friendly world.

If you truly care about the future of your kids and what world they should live in, then having something making sure that their planet is healthier is the least we can do. This is the least we can do, and it will be done. Take a look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself what type of planet would you want to live on in the next 100 years.