5 Bauhaus furniture experts that you should know about!

Bauhaus furniture was designed by some of the most iconic architects and designers of the twentieth-century. Many of them branched out into different styles, but most remained loyal to the stern manifesto of the modern movement articulated by the Bauhaus school of thought. It’s important to know some of these stars before looking at the furniture that they designed, so further, we’ll look at 5 Bauhaus furniture experts that you should definitely know about:

  1. Walter Gropius


Walter Gropius was the founding father of the Bauhaus Movement. His dedication and passion for this particular niche of the modern movement showed in every single thing he ever designed. The Bauhaus style furniture pieces that he designed featured aesthetics, functionality, and ergonomics in a harmony of perfect blending. Gropius was a trendsetter, a teacher, and a designer whose influence made history in the architecture and design circles. He’s definitely an expert that everyone should know about.

  1. Le Corbusier


Le Corbusier was a French architect and designer who experimented with urbanism and furniture crafting as a passion. His ideas were radical and he first started out as a pioneer of the International movement. But Corbusier eventually homed-in on the Bauhaus school of thought and designed some of the most amazing and timeless Bauhaus furniture pieces that you’ll ever find. His LC3 armchair and LC4 chaise lounge remain some of the most comfortable and iconic pieces to this day.

  1. Mies Van Der Rohe


Ludwig Mies van der Rohe is one of the key figures of the Bauhaus movement. This German-American architect designed many Bauhaus furniture pieces that are loved, revered, and appreciated today. From the classic Barcelona chair to the Brno chair and Four Season’s Stool, there’s a variety of furniture pieces that he has designed and each one features a unique take on the arch principles of the Bauhaus movement.

  1. Eileen Gray


Eileen Gray was an architect and furniture designer that hailed for Ireland. She worked in a filled dominated by men and left her mark. She become of the most iconic pioneers of the modern movement and was mostly inspired by art nouveau pieces. The Bauhaus furniture that she designed features sleek lines, beautiful aesthetics, and even bold curves. She redefined the very basics of the movement without defying any of its principles. Her Bibendum chair and Eileen Gray end table are timeless and appreciated, even today.

  1. Marcel Breuer


Designer of some of the most iconic Bauhaus furniture pieces, Marcel Breuer was a Hungarian-American architect who left a solid mark with his interpretation of this movement. He is best known for his amazing and unique chair designs, along with his amazingly innovative ideas that led to a thriving and successful international business. The Bauhaus furniture that he designed is considered unprecedented even today. From the Wassily chair to the D4 chair, everything he ever came up with became an instant hit.

So these are some of the Big Shots that you should know about in the Bauhaus furniture movement. Their constant innovation and unique thinking has given use timeless pieces that we love to this day.