Make Your Signage Memorable: Important Things to Do

Many business owners are going all-in on digital presence. But this can be a mistake since real-world advertising still has some relevance. An interesting example of this is the use of signs. Many modern businesses use signage as a way to draw in business.

Here are some tips to ensure that you’ll get the best sign for your business:

Choose the Right Color

Color is pretty important for a sign. Think of some of the most memorable signs for businesses and notice that they usually have a dominant or a single color. For example, the McDonald’s sign is the overwhelming golden yellow or even the Coke brand has its trademark red. Your sign might also act as the brand logo for your company. Choosing a nice and memorable color can be a big help in ensuring that you catch people’s attention and stay in their minds.

Use the Right Materials

Many signs are usually plastic and fiberglass. Don’t hesitate to use something different though. Some other materials might be better for your business. A good example would be using neon lights for signage. This is good if your business operates mainly at night. Another option would be metal signage. A shiny metal sign can draw the eye in the middle of the day. Additionally, thanks to the providers of laser metal cutting services in Utah and other states, you can get good metal signs in a variety of designs. 

Have the Right Information On It

Some signs provide more than just the name of the business. If you want people to contact you, then you should have additional information on your signage. This can include everything from your telephone number to your operating hours.

You can even have a link to your website if you add a QR code to it. That way, smartphone users would be able to take a picture and then see your website immediately. Consider the amount of information that you want to convey when it comes to designing your business sign.

Position It Right

Another important factor to consider is where you will put the sign. The usual position of your signage is out in front of your store, up on top. But it all depends on the purpose of the sign. Some signs need to be accessible so you might need to put them lower so that braille and wheelchair users can access it. You should also consider the lighting. If your operation starts during the day but lasts until night, you might need to place some lights around the sign so that people can see it.

For the main signage, you really should go with the biggest size, especially if you are putting it on top of your storefront. Smaller signs can also be used in addition to the big one. Larger signs draw the attention of customers, which is their main purpose, so you should invest in at least one big signage.

Having a sign outside your place of business is still relevant these days. Whether you manage a store or a business that provides a service, a good sign will draw people in and will show them that you are ready to serve them.