What is Your Duty As A Webcam Model For Your Members in Lebanon?

As you probably know already, Lebanon’s capital city, Beirut, was shook Tuesday evening by a massive explosion. Heard from over 260 kilometers away, in Cyprus, the blast took place near the port at the Mediterranean Sea, claiming hundreds of lives and hurting thousands of people. The deflagration itself and the shockwave destroyed tens of buildings and shattered windows up to 10 kilometers away from the site. If you have friends in the Middle East country, you most probably already contacted them, to make sure they are safe. However, as a webcam model, it’s your duty to also think about your members in this country.

If you know that you have a regular Lebanese member, who appreciates you for being a webcam model, but also as a human being, you should be concerned about him. When he first enters the private chat, you should ask him how he feels, if he or another member of his family were injured in the explosion. Since Beirut is quite a small city, very packed, and with a population of only 360.000 people, chances are high that your member will know at least a few people who had to suffer after the blast, especially considering its magnitude.

As a webcam model, you develop not only a professional relationship with your members but also a personal one, even if you don’t get to meet in person. After a few sessions, the conversations tend to become more personal, and they will feel safe to share some of their most private thoughts with you. In a way, you are more like a confidant or a psychologist to your member than his mistress, especially since we are talking about non-adult cam jobs, that don’t involve your being naked or mimicking different sexual acts.

Even if he or his relatives or friends weren’t injured in the explosion, he will surely appreciate any concern coming from his favorite webcam model. He will feel important, taken care of, and listened to. This is crucial for men, whose emotions are not shown, nor considered as much as women’s. Sometimes, it can be hard for a man to explain what’s wrong, for fear of being considered weak or too “feminine”. Last but not least, Lebanon is also a very nationalist country, so this massive blast shook more than houses: it shook the Arabic pride and feeling that everything is under control.

In conclusion, being a webcam model is not your regular 9-to-5 job, and it involves much more than simply talking to your members. You have to be empathetic, to listen to their problems actively, and to be able to put yourself in their shoes. And you always have to pay attention to what is going on in the world because current events influence not only people’s morale but also their physical and mental integrity. As we already mentioned, the Beirut explosion from August the 4th shook an entire nation, not only a few neighborhoods.