What to Look for in a Good Poster

Artistic ability may not be present in everyone. While you may be able to follow instructions and come up with a semblance of a poster, it may fall short with regard to artistic expression. That is why many people turn to experts when they need posters.

Paper Collective is the site you want to turn to for creative and aesthetically appealing posters for every purpose. We have access to the most gifted illustrators, artists and designers to create the best quality prints as well as products.

Not having the ability or the time and resources to create your own posters should not begrudge you the posters you need for your own use.

Beautiful Graphics for Noble Causes

Moreover, the company is involved in charitable activities. They create inspirational graphics well known for not only their uplifting messages but also for beauty. At the same time, they are involved in noble causes and charities. Purchasing posters from Paper Collective give you a chance to partner with them in their great causes.

There is more to the designs that simply looking good. Buying one print, for instance, supports the building of a school in Rural Nepal for hundreds of children. Consequently, you will not only end up with a beautiful poster that will greatly help your own cause but you will also assist in building this school.

What Qualifies as a Good Poster?


A good poster should have the following qualities:

  • Provides minimal information but still gets the message across
  • It catches the eye immediately inviting the audience to read the information therein
  • The most important information is seen immediately

That is what you get when you opt for Copenhagen postersThe posters simply call out to the audience and they have no choice but to take a look. You should be compelled to slow down and get closer to see what’s on the poster.


The title should be easily read from a distance. When the title is catchy, passersby will definitely give the poster some attention. The title must capture the gist of the entire post so that the audience gets the message in the shortest time possible.

A good poster that is meant to communicate fast should have only the necessary text. The secret is to have what needs to be known as opposed to what is good to know. Also, it is easier to read points than the entire prose.

The size of the font is as important as the colour used. Some colors pop and are easily read while others make reading difficult even when the font is large enough. Instead of underlining which makes the poster look rather busy, a great poster will use italics boldface.

The whole poster heading should at least be visible enough to beckon the reader to get closer and get more information.


Apart from grabbing attention on sight, the images should pass the message long before the text is read. Posters that announce concerts for example usually have the images of the artists performing. The images should be accompanied by titles and references.

Ignite Curiosity

A great poster also ignites curiosity. However, while it makes the audience pause and consider it must avoid deviating from the facts. Rhetorical questions are a great way to start a discussion going. This also creates curiosity and you will find more people planning on attending an event because they got curious.


Posters must be relatable to the targeted audience. Paper Collective delivers posters that aim at catching the attention of the target audience and creating enough of a buzz that they want to get in on the action promised in the poster.

The best posters produce results and pull the crowds to the advertised event or gig. The trick lies in not overwhelming the audience with information. If they get the message right away, they will be more inclined to react to it positively.