Factors that Influence Customers When Buying their Favorite Items Online

Every one of us wants to buy new clothes, shoes, flaunting gadgets and even home décor accessories. Gone are the days where people had to visit the local stores to buy things of their choice. Nowadays, in a few clicks, they can buy anything of their choice. With the availability of online stores, they can simply pay online and enjoy shopping like never before. Besides that, the customers can use the mobile phones and shop at the comfort of their homes. The technology has changed the way people used to buy the stuff for their daily needs and even for luxuries of life.

The online store owners think that when customers are buying things online, they are just shopping. On the other hand, they are doing many things at the same time. It affects the buying behavior of a person to a great extent. The customers may feel frustrated while shopping online or may have a satisfying experience. It depends on what portals they are visiting, things they are choosing, interaction with their friends on the phone and various others. Some of the important factors, which can affect the buying behavior of the consumers, are mentioned below:

Wide range of items

It has been observed that customers want to buy the items from single store. They tend to buy things from the one with a wide range of items. This also saves a lot of their valuable time and efforts. They do not want to open, log in and pay at different online stores. In development, effectively bringing apps to life requires attention to the flow of customer interactions, not hindering them or forcing them to open multiple screens at once to complete a single objective. Customers want to view several items on a single platform because it enhances their buying experience.

The reports also reveal that online stores with a wide range of items are visited by more users than others. First factor, which affects the buying behavior, is the range of items. This way, they spend more time on a portal and shop more items.

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Navigation of the site

Another factor, which affects the customer’s behavior while shopping, is the navigation. The ease of use can make a customer stay or leave the store. The customer should have an option to filter the items as per their preferences such as brand, color, price, free shipping and gender. He should be able to visit several pages without any hassle. Slow websites of merchants can have bad impact on the customers. They will immediately shut down the site if it is difficult to use and even loads slowly. They do not want to invest their precious time in something, which may seem useless to them.

It has also been observed that if the payment option is complicated, people may get frustrated and cancel the purchase altogether. They prefer buying on the portal, which offers less complicated registration process. Moreover, the appropriate and real images should also be posted along with the items so that people do not feel cheated.

The shipping options

The stats show that people give up buying on most of the portals is because of the shipping related issues such as costly shipping, too much time to get the products and a few options when it comes to shipping. The sites, which offer free shipping, are likely to gain more business than the paid ones. If paid shipping is shown at the time of checkout, people may feel frustrated and leave the site immediately. This is one of the major reasons why various merchants fail because they have costly and complicated shipping options. People love to get some freebies when they are shopping online and free shipping is one of the best ways to attract them.

People prefer buying online because they want to save their precious time and efforts. If they have to pay the shipping, they may prefer visiting the similar stores locally. If they are getting free delivery, they can even wait for a few more days.

Reviews of customers on the site

The customers want to buy from the trusted website. The best way they find is the reviews mentioned on the site. Various reliable portals integrate rating and review systems to their portals. The customers leave their honest reviews after creating an account and buying the product. This is one of the best ways to get the details of the reliable product and the manufacturer. Many users use the product and share their real time experiences with others.

Some of the sites also have their Facebook page on which the customers share their opinions about the services and products, which they have availed. These reviews have great impact on the buying behavior of the customers. Most of the users pay close attention to the complaints and comments of other buyers. It is important for them to buy the products with many positive reviews and comments.

Payment options to buy products

Payment methods also make a great difference when it comes to buying the products online. Some people prefer paying at the time of checkout while others prefer paying cash on delivery. The safe and secure payment methods can grab the attention of people to a great extent. These days, payment wallets are also offered on these platforms. It has been reported that a number of payment options have great impact. Some people don’t feel comfortable in giving their credit card details online. For them, cash on delivery option is the best one.

Return and cancellation policies

The return and cancellation policies also make a great difference when buying products online. People prefer buying from the merchant who offers flexible policies so that they can either cancel or return the product well on time.

Online shopping has been associated with buying products at the comfort of the home in a few clicks only. The customers are driven to buy from the reliable and affordable merchant. When they buy the products, they take into account above mentioned factors.


Online shopping is the best way to save your time, money and efforts. These days, people are busy and this kind of shopping helps them in their daily life. They always look for the platforms with several features and flexibility.